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Working at eXcent means integrating a growing group both in terms of workforce and financial results. Technical excellence, initiative, adaptability and a sense of innovation are the qualities we are looking for to expand our teams.

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eXcent in a few words

Founded in 1990, eXcent, Industrial Solutions Designer and Integrator, supports industrialisation projects for major companies in the aeronautics, automotive, railway, energy, defense and space or naval industries.
Thanks to its design offices and field engineers, eXcent is able to adapt itself to its customers’ needs

Our added value

Innovation is in our DNA

At eXcent, we believe that the Factory of Tomorrow is being built today through each of our clients’ projects. Our engineers work with any industrial tool, making sure it is ergonomic and aesthetic, as well as ensuring the quality of the materials and the technologies used. 
Recognised for its innovative capability, eXcent benefits from an approved R&D Tax Credit.

Customised industrial solutions

eXcent has grown by diversifying the business sectors of its clients, its geographical locations and, above all, its professions. Today, eXcent can support you at each stage of your industrialisation process, including project management, quality, supply chain and even with calculations, maintenance and technical documentation. 
eXcent takes your requirements into consideration in order to provide you with the most appropriate offer. We strive to listen to both your technical requirements and your return on investment objectives. Your performance is our objective.

Proximity to clients throughout the whole world

Is your industrialization project abroad? We can support you through the development of a network of design offices on site in France and abroad.