Study, cabling, layout and tramway facilities

Name Study, cabling, layout and tramway facilities

Study, cabling, layout and tramway facilities

For a major contractor in the railway sector, eXcent has completed the interior layout of the trains of around 20 tram lines worldwide. For some of them, eXcent has also been involved for structural, subframe and roof studies.

eXcent La Rochelle’ teams regularly work on various tramway projects, for the layout of passenger rooms, entry and exit platforms and the driver’s cabin. The role of eXcent is to realize the mechanical and electrical integration of elements (such as cameras, lights, light strips, air conditioning ducts, seats, …), the study and design of specific elements ( holding bars, fire extinguisher stand, control console, face dressing …) and to adapt the environment (floor, ceiling, …)

Some trams are created from scratch while others are just variations of a standard model. On an existing project, it is then a question of making the modifications related to the choice of the opening of the doors, the spacing of the rails, …

If eXcent has won the trust of this major contractor for projects of this magnitude, it is thanks to a recognized team of railway experts but also to eXcent’s own technical data control processes, which allow customers to receive a complete product follow-up according to criteria chosen by both parties, and above all to guarantee a high level of quality of deliverables in accordance with customer needs and deadlines, enrolled in a process of continuous improvement.

In the future, eXcent hopes to get closer to the different production sites of this customer to be able to offer these skills and positive feedback on other tramway projects.