A partner event to present our new Purchasing strategy

eXcent organized on June 14th an event gathering its main partners.

Objective of this event: To present our new Purchasing strategy to our partners.

A single and only team at the service of the project and that from the consultation of our customers! Choice of the partner, in our Panel, as soon as the reception of the bill of specifications and without any competition.

➤ No more classical subcontractor / Customer operation!

Together, let’s reach 100% of transformation rate, while keeping the fundamental values of our relationship: eXcellence / Trust / Commitment / Innovation and Human Qualities.

This unique and conclusive event also allowed demonstrations of the JacXson, JNOV TECH collaborative robots (eXcent’s technological spin-off) and our robotics activity.
Our guests were also able to test our virtual reality workshop led by our VR team.

Back on this event in pictures!

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