eXcent improve its innovation potential

e.Nov, eXcent’s Innovation Approach

eXcent has decided to invest in an ambitious approach to maximize its innovation potential. Based on a digital diagnosis performed with all its employees, some figures have confirmed the convenience of this approach.


In fact, according to eXcent employees, innovation would have a high impact on:

  • 92% Brand image
  • 87% The search for new markets
  • 84% The development of new products / services
  • 80% Team motivation

Futhermore, in their view, 

The accelerators of innovation are:

  • 74% The company culture and mindset
  • 60% The management Committee's involment
  • 60% Work environment

The obstacle is basically a lack of time.


It is the Management’s perception of the employees’ innovation and creativity that have convinced us to invest in e.Nov and integrate this common/shared vision into the company’s strategic challenges.

The e.Nov approach is a cross-divisional initiative that works as a #catalyst to favour the emergence of new ideas, whether to develop new products or services for national markets or for export, or to continuously improve its performance.

The approach is based on tools and methods, as well as original and dynamic activity to draw out the employees’ ideas and bring them to life until they are materialised.

The approach is centred on 3 main themes:

Participatory Innovation

Participatory Innovation


to empower each employee to express their ideas and bring them to fruition.

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation


to organise around complex and ambitious projects so as to contribute to its expansion in new markets in France and abroad.

Open Innovation

Open innovation


an approach open to all stakeholders in society: schools, universities, laboratories, start-ups, competitiveness centres, incubators, etc. to identify new ideas and contribute to its responsiveness to changes in the environment: energy transition, digital transformation, industry 4.0, etc.


Above all, it is a collaborative adventure to meet operational and strategic needs, which will evolve continuously. In order to launch this initiative, eXcent has invested in a collaborative digital tool proposed by La Fabrique à Innovations, the e.Nov Campus.

Screenshot of the e.Nov Campus tool implemented in June 2019 by eXcent, accessible to all employees.

This tool allows all employees to post their ideas or issues in order to share and develop them, but also to share know-how and experiences that contribute to the company’s continuous improvement.

Lastly, employees can launch challenges, for example, to identify other employees with specific skills in a field in which they need help to make progress on their project (e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.).

Digital is an excellent way to engage teams on a daily basis, to easily develop collective intelligence and to strengthen the agility of the company.