eXcent places your needs in a global industrial vision

Thanks to our multi-sector experience, we bring an expanded expertise to each of our clients by placing their industrial issues at the heart of our thinking. We are able to offer concrete and effective answers.

eXcent’s distinctiveness is based on its ability to anticipate your production needs for agile product / process development based on:

  • Optimized technical solutions
  • Project management, quality process, associated with training devices
  • Innovations and technological bricks (IoT, virtual reality, digitalization...) shapping the industry 4.0

eXcent's products

More than just an industrial company, eXcent stands out for its innovation and its desire to develop its own patented products that respond to customer issues.

eXcent Training, subsidiary of eXcent Group

Qualifying trainings

Designed from companie’s needs, all our training and certification courses are designed to optimize your professional development, facilitate your rise in skills and support companies in their search for performance.

fields of training
  • Languages
  • Management
  • Industrial jobs
  • Support jobs
  • Regulatory trainings
Multi-sectoral experiences

Aeronautics | Medical-Pharmaceutical | Transportation | Research-Chemistry| SSII