JacXson U70

The JacXson: A precision assembly, lifting and disassembly tool, allows to replace the crane, the shed and the various usual means of lifting and transport. Patented eXcent and developed in partnership with Sphéréa, the jacxson allows a time saving of 90% during maintenance operation.

Fork eXcentive

The fork "eXcentive" is an alternative solution to the traditional telescopic fork that equips the vast majority of motorcycles. Composed of a very compact deformable quadrilateral straddling the wheel, this technological innovation has several advantages:

Range of installation tools, maintenance and control of pipelines

With a fresh eye, and thanks to its experience in the aeronautics, eXcent has brought a renewal in the market for the installation, maintenance and control of piping networks through its brands Puls and Sensco. Discover their genesis and download their catalog.