Fork eXcentive


Fork with deformable quadrilateral for motorcycle

The fork “eXcentive” is an alternative solution to the traditional telescopic fork that equips the vast majority of motorcycles. Composed of a very compact deformable quadrilateral straddling the wheel, this technological innovation has several advantages:


The + of the fork

An alternative to the telescopic fork

Unlike other so-called alternative suspensions, the eXcentive fork is installed in place of a telescopic fork without modification of the chassis or other essential components such as engine cooling radiator or brake components.

A solution for different types of motorcycle use

Its particular design makes it possible to obtain kinematic variants adapted to the type of use of the motorcycle, road or circuit.

Improved stability

The stability of the motorcycle under braking is improved thanks to a reduced variation of wheelbase.

Better cornering maneuverability

In addition, the non-linear nature of the trajectory of the front wheel makes it possible to have a smaller variation of attitude and a significant reduction of the hunt for a better maneuverability during cornering.

High frontal rigidity

This technology allows a high frontal rigidity as well as a proven reliability by the use of classic pivot bearings.

eXcent achieved, with the participation of a superbike driver, and, according to a precise protocol, comparative tests (telescopic VS eXcentive) on circuit. The data acquisition analysis demonstrated the effectiveness, reliability, performance and modeling of the eXcentive. Other tests are planned to equip a 1000 cc endurance motorcycle.

The fork eXcentive offers an original visual alternative, without breaking with the aesthetic codes of current motorcycles.