PlaneXt – Strategic plan

eXcent is a french industrial group that designs and integrates industrial solutions. In order to expedite our development, we are launching our strategic plan, entitled “PlaneXt”. This plan is a continuation of our previous “neXt” plan, but incorporates ambitious new environmental and societal priorities.

Following its participation in the Companies for Climate Convention (CEC), the CSR approach within eXcent has taken on a new dimension: eXcent’s future can no longer be the one it was envisioned to be!

Then comes the generative question to be answered:

How to transform and develop our industrial solutions to serve the social and environmental transition?

The result is a new strategic plan:

  • To work alongside all of the group’s stakeholders to eco-design and integrate industrial solutions on a daily basis in a circular economy logic and to aim at least to be a contributing company.
  • Raising awareness, guiding, measuring, cooperating, re-using, re-employing, minimizing… will be the key words of fulfilled employees, finding a real meaning to their activities within eXcent.
  • Finally, to make the company resilient on the economic, social and environmental levels.

PlaneXt will rely on an action plan based on 3 axes:

Recalibrate our value proposition

Develop eco-design (with LCA) of all our offers, from the pre-sales phase

Develop environmental innovation of re-use and new business models based on the principle of the Economy of Functionality and Cooperation: e.g. Contributive Green Manufacturing

Regenerate the Earth system

Reducing our carbon impact, actions on internal mobility, waste management, Green IT…

Integration of Triple Bottom Line accounting

Selecting projects according to their impact, accompanying our clients

Reshape leadership by empowering people

Adaptation of governance, definition of missions & raison d’être

CSR approach at the heart of eNov

Raising awareness and training in order to become aware of our professional & personal impacts

 Involvement & fulfilment on a daily basis of our employees

Transformation of our relationships with our supply chain partners / sustainable purchasing

Our aim for 2030: to become an EcoDesigner and integrator of sustainable industrial solutions.

Philippe ChaumèsCEO of eXcent

The approach is centred aound three principle axes:

  • Participatory innovation
  • Strategic innovation
  • Open innovation
The INNOVATION approach of the heart of eXcent

The e.Nov approach is a cross-functional initiative that aims, juste like a #catalyst, to promote the development of new ideas – whether they are to develop new products or services, or to continually improve our process and ultimately our performance.

The approach focuses on tools, methods, as well as original and dynamic activity to draw out your ideas and bring them to life until they become reality.

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