Range of installation tools, maintenance and control of pipelines

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Range of installation tools, maintenance and control of pipelines

With a fresh eye, and thanks to its experience in the aeronautics, eXcent has brought a renewal in the market for the installation, maintenance and control of piping networks through its brands Puls and Sensco. Discover their genesis and download their catalog.

In 1997, the outsourcing of welding works by the leader in gas distribution opens the market to public works companies. This is the opportunity for eXcent to use its experience in aeronautics to launch an innovative range of pipe positioning tools. Based on the skills of the first eXcent Puls Action design office, eXcent stands out from the competition: its tools are in aluminum foundry and use quick-release systems totally different from what was done until then.

The first PULS product is the posiline positioner-rectifier, which will remain the company’s top selling brand until 2008 and which is still available today as the entire PULS and SENSCO ranges. In order to facilitate the qualification of his client’s subcontractors, Puls is developing the Aptitest qualification bench. Until 2002, eXcent completes its positioning range with Normaline, Maintiline and Stopline plugs.

It is with its range of rotating rotators for polyethylene tube HeliPE developed until 2012 that eXcent is today the French leader in mechanical scraping. In July 2012 eXcent makes external growth by acquiring the goodwill SENSCO, to expand its range of tools with new positioners and crushers.

All these tools for installation, maintenance and control of pipelines, whether they concern gas, water or electric cable networks, are available for sale through a network of distributors partner.