Definition, study and realization of the artistic concept of the COP22

Definition, study and realization of the artistic concept of COP22

A playful and original animation

In order to involve the public and to make them aware of the cause, the organizers of the event decided to propose a playful and, to say the least, original animation on the theme of the environment entitled “Make your planet spin”.

The concept is ingenious: a giant LED spherical screen 7m in diameter representing the Earth will be placed in the middle of the Place Bab Jdid (facing the Mamounia) in Marrakech. This sphere is surrounded by 4 smartflowers (2.5 kW solar panels arranged in petals of flowers and following the course of the sun) that complete the efforts of hundreds of cyclists for the green energy production of the event during the day, and serve as projection at night.


eXcent selected to complete this project!

To bring the magic and to involve the public in this unprecedented experience, the artistic device required a high-performance technical installation.. And eXcent was chosen to define and study the concept but also to realize this project! 

To achieve the artistic process, eXcent has teamed up with the artist CozTen – author-director-scenographer of events for more than 20 years who develops in recent years projects inspired by the environment – with which eXcent has already collaborated for the realization of two sets events for the city of Toulouse. eXcent has also partnered with Electric Pedals and Ludikenergie who have provided the entire energy system for installed bicycles.

It is therefore a new innovative and stimulating project for eXcent that can affirm its implication in the environmental cause. eXcent also demonstrated again its capacities to develop an original and technologically bluffing project!