Development of TGV rooms and platforms

NameTGV rooms and platforms

Development of TGV rooms and platforms

For major customers in the railway sector, eXcent has designed the interior of TGV and NTV rooms and platforms in Italy.

A single train project, such as the one between Paris and Marseille in 2009 for example, represents for eXcent 50,000 hours of work. On such projects, eXcent’s mission is to design the interior of passenger rooms and platforms from the study phase to the manufacturing follow-up: 3D design, mechanical integration, plastic design, welded structure , front facing for the side panels of the train, wiring path …

Regarding the rooms, without touching the structure or the engine, eXcent makes interior and electrical fittings (shelves, seat supports, light, ventilation, electrical outlets, …). Regarding the platforms, eXcent achieves all interior fittings with luggage racks, WC but also the doors including the integration of a retractable threshold to facilitate access to the train for people with reduced mobility.

eXcent’s rail expertise was particularly highlighted at the 2014 Innotrans Show in Berlin. The Neopolia cluster had asked eXcent to design a human scale demonstration model to show the skills of cluster members. eXcent, the only design office in this cluster, has therefore studied the structure and layout as well as the manufacturing follow-up of this demonstrator. The biggest difficulty of this project a little particular was the management of the mass and the center of gravity of this demonstrator: it was necessary to be able to transport it on the show!