Biogas Project: Agricultural Waste Treatment

Faced with the urgency of global warming, France has set itself the course in the Climate Plan to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, a renewed ambition and explained in the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC).

This French energy policy, detailed in the Project of Pluriannuelle Energy Programming (MEP) by 2028, sets priorities that must be conducted in a complementary and simultaneous manner, in order to achieve this goal of neutrality.

The Strategic Committee of the “New Energy Systems” Industries Branch – which aims to be the industrial counterpart of the EPP to make the energy transition a lever for re-industrialisation – has launched several challenges aimed at aeronautical companies.

Feeling concerned about these issues, eXcent responded to this call for projects considering that the Biogas sector was very complementary with the Puls and Sensco ranges for the installation of gas distribution networks.

These challenges were to finance a “maturing phase” whose “objective is to enable companies, especially aeronautics, to offer rapidly industrialised and competitive solutions in the energy markets in order to consolidate their activity. At the same time, energy players can access quickly available optimized solutions.”

eXcent was selected on the two topics for which we answered: Hopper and Incorporation System.

biogaz schéma

These two elements are arranged just before the digester to allow the processing of inputs (agricultural waste, urban waste, etc.) before they are incorporated into the digester.

Project progress:

  • State-of-the-art existing technical solutions with their pros and cons.It will be achieved through visits to methanization plant sites as well as research bibliographic.
  • Drafting a functional specifications with the standards to be met, the constraints and the functions to be carried out.
  • Anteriority and patentability study carried out by ourselves on the basis of Espacenet patents
    If necessary, a study with our patent firm will be conducted after the maturation phase.
  • Study incorporating the different technical principles chosen for each function
  • Risk study to determine functions that need to be physically tested
  • Réalisation de petits démonstrateurs pour ces fonctions et tests des dites fonctions.

In order to develop this Biogas project, eXcent has benefited from the economic support of France Relance up to 86,000 euros as part of its plan to revive French industry.