eXcent partner of the MFJA School-Factory

It was at SIANE 2021 that eXcent signed a letter of intent to contribute to the Pad’Occ project led by the Federal University of Toulouse through the MFJA.

Signature of the partnership at SIANE 2021

From left to right: Serge Angevin – Delegate Director of Industry Aerospace Valley, Jean-François Mazoin – MFJA Coordinator, Laurent Déléris – eXcent International Development & Innovation Director, and Emmanuel Cordier – MFJA Partnership Manager.

The MFJA ( Jacqueline Auriol training center) is a new place dedicated to the Mechanical and Production Engineering for aeronautics and space. It opened its doors in Toulouse on January 3, 2022 and is already welcoming its first 600 students. Another 900 will arrive progressively by September 2022.

Since the end of November 2021, the Factory-School has been an essential asset for accelerating the migration of companies to the industry of the future!

It is in a V2 version that it will become the heart of the Acceleration Platform of Occitania, winner of the call for projects “Acceleration Platform towards the Industry of the Future”.

Showing, demonstrating, training, accompanying and perpetuating are the 5 fields of action of the platform for a path towards industrial excellence.

A true demonstrator of Industry 4.0, the Factory-School trains the talents of tomorrow while taking into account the current and future problems encountered by manufacturers.

For several years now, eXcent has been intiating its transformation towards the industry of the future and has been engaged in a race for innovation.

We must constantly adapt our organization by securing access to cutting-edge technologies and industrial savoir-faire while meeting the performance needs of our customers in a highly competitive market. It is therefore quite natural that eXcent has become a partner of the MFJA School-Factory.

Laurent DELERISeXcent Innovation & International Development Director

Through this partnership, eXcent has committed to bringing in an experienced process engineer several times a year, as well as providing assistance on the virtual reality part.

To learn more about the training center Jacqueline Auriol (MFJA): press kit.