Large-scale project by UPSSITECH students, carried out in collaboration with eXcent

The students of the Robotic and Interactive Systems (SRI) program at UPSSITECH, the engineering school of the University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, organized on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, in the Concorde amphitheatre, a public presentation of their large-scale project conducted in collaboration with eXcent.

The large-scale project is an innovative pedagogical device that allows the entire class to come together around a common problem, in collaboration with a company, and to confront an industrial project that meets the requirements of the professional world.

Thus, the students work together to satisfy the needs of the partner company in order to provide it with a functional solution, by putting into practice their technical skills acquired during their training.

This year it is 20 students of the speciality SRI who worked in collaboration with eXcent on the project Displacement of a robotic arm for the identification of shapes in order to locate, detect and analyze drillings on metal surfaces.

In order to meet customer requests to perform complex tasks robotically (screwing, drilling, riveting, inspection, …), eXcent wants to have a flexible robotic system to validate concepts on customer parts.

The group therefore worked on the implementation of a system for identifying holes on metal plates. To do this, they used a 6-axis robot equipped with a camera to observe a drilled metal plate. After analyzing the images from the camera, the robot positions itself over the identified holes in order to perform operations (e.g. screwing, riveting, etc.). The demonstrator is also equipped with a hole quality control function to detect any anomaly.

The diversity of the technical implementations of this demonstrator was a real challenge for the students. Indeed, associating a vision system to an industrial robot, all controlled by an external graphical interface, implies to set up an important number of communications between the different software and technical systems.

This collaborative project between industry and engineering students has a dual purpose for eXcent. It allows us to develop our technological roadmap, but also to detect future talents who will integrate our teams.

Guerric ALEXANDRERobotics Studies Manager

About the Robotic and Interactive Systems program:

The vocation of the SRI specialization is to train and certify engineers of high scientific and technical level, and to deploy robotic systems (industrial robots, mobile robots, humanoid robots). The training is located at the crossroads of automation, real-time computing, and Artificial Intelligence. The skills acquired by graduates also allow them to integrate all traditional engineering sectors, well beyond the robotics industry.