Team eXcent-TTS back on the starting line of the 24H motorcycles

This year again, eXcent group and TTS, association accompanying young drivers towards a professional career, will be on the starting line of the 24H Le Mans Motos, Experimental category, on April 21st. With the ambition of finishing the race in the Top 10, Team eXcent-TTS has been preparing for several months the competition with its Kawasaki motorcycle which will be equipped with the fork eXcentive, developed by the group eXcent.

The eXcentive fork: a patented, innovative solution

The fork on the 24H Motos is an alternative to the traditional telescopic fork that equips the vast majority of motorcycles. Composed of a deformable quadrilateral, positioned below the steering column, this unconventional system has several advantages:

  • Reduced braking distance
  • Enhanced cornering liveliness
  • Negligible friction
  • Precision of the direction

Complementary partners for the realization of a project

Last week, 41 teams competed in the official “Pre-Mans” trials. Despite an unfavorable weather, the bike, equipped with the fork eXcentive achieved the 13th best time. The behavior of the fork was satisfactory and the pilots had excellent sensations on the track …

To accompany the pilots and prepare the bikes, a team of more than 30 people will be present at Le Mans: mechanics, R&D engineers, physiotherapists, timekeepers, stewards, tanker …

“Today, with engine and equivalent tires, I’m going faster with the bike equipped with the eXcentive fork than with our classic bike” Gabriel Pons, TTS driver

Innovation: development engine for eXcent

By investing in the development of this motorcycle fork, eXcent confirms its desire to diversify into high technology sectors. This is for the group to continually explore new market segments based on customer needs. Experience gained on large-scale projects now allows eXcent to design and develop its own products.

eXcent invests almost 3% of its turnover in R&D every year. The eXcentive fork also required nearly 10,000 hours of research and development for an investment of € 500,000.

“Rigor and technical skills of eXcent Group, together with the passion and experience of Team TTS competition, allow the emergence of innovative and high-performance solutions. Christophe Strainchamps, eXcent R & D Director