Paul Laporte

IT Business Manager
What is your background?
Graduated from the general engineering school in computer science and digital technologies (EFREI), I worked as an electronic designer engineer and business engineer in several large companies like BERTIN, MATIS, ADENEO, ALTRAN for services to AIRBUS, RATIER-FIGEAC and SAFRAN in particular.
An example of embedded system on which eXcent worked?
For one of our customers working on the electric cores of planes, an electronic engineer must develop the calculator to distribute electrical energy to all systems in the aircraft (flight controls, landing gear release , light in the cabin, air conditioning ...).
Why has Embedded Systems expertise become necessary for eXcent?
Mechanical systems are increasingly carrying electronic computers. They allow to control, monitor and communicate easily. The main issue is the maturity and reliability of its equipment in a highly constrained environment (temperatures, vibrations, humidity, electromagnetic interference ...). Compliance with certification standards is therefore very controlled; it's a real need among eXcent customers.
In concrete terms, what is your role within the IS team?
My role is to deploy this embedded systems competence to all sites in order to expand the eXcent offer. Today, I work closely with customers to understand their technical needs. Then I accompany the Recruitment Service to identify the resources in adequacy with the required requirements. Is it within the IS team?