Breaking news : our Jacxson U70 is certified!

Following the tries achieved the last months, the JacXson U70 has just received the certification of Airbus for the program A320 CEO.

Our team is already working on the development of additionnal tools to optimize even more the use of the JacXson. To be continued next november for the certification of the program A320 NEO.

Congratulations to the teams for all the work achieved for two years now !

Key figures about the JacXson U70 :

  • 90% time savingduring podding and removal aircraft’ s engine
  • Accuracy less then 0,04”
  • Max vertical movement and 3,9′
  • Only2 operators to make the operation
  • The JacXson can be controlled within 15 minutesby any new user

To get more information about the JacXson U70, please contact us !