1st commissioning of the JacXson U70 of eXcent by Lufthansa Technik

eXcent, industrial solutions designer and integrator (800 employees – €70M turnover) announces the commissioning of the 1st JacXson U70 in the maintenance hangars of Frankfurt by its customer Lufthansa Technik

A JacXson U70 has integrated the Lufthansa Technik hangars in Frankfurt on December 14th, 2019. After a few hours of training provided by the eXcent team, Lufthansa Technik’s operators have carried out the first engine changes of 2020.

Manipulation du JacXson U70 dans les locaux de Lufthansa Technik


Lufthansa Technik : an international reference

As a main reference on the international MRO market, Lufthansa Technik grant confidence in eXcent expertise and JacXson U70 product capabilities. Lufthansa Technik Frankfurt teams will perform no less than 25 engines changes (narrow body) per year.

JacXson U70 : the unrivaled eXcent product

eXcent has designed the JacXson product line as a time and cost saving solution for aircraft engines replacement. Combining high improvements in terms of ergonomics and operating safety with cutting edge technologies, the JacXson U70 allows to install or remove aircraft engines by only 2 operators in just 45 minutes.


Next step : MRO Middle East (Dubai) show from 25 to 26 february, 2020

As part of its commercial promotion, several JacXson U70 demonstrations have been performed in Europe, the United States and Latin America. The world’s major airlines have expressed their interest in this product, which offers remarquable technologies for MROs.

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