Antoine Dumont

Senior Engineer Study

“After an IUP in mechanical and production engineering, I went back to Puls Action – at the time the company was called like that! – in 2006 for an internship. Even though I have occasionally contributed to PSA or Nexter projects, I have always worked mainly for Airbus… First as designer draftsman then on encryption and more and more in team management. I am happy to have been able to access management functions over time: I love passing on my knowledge, working in a team and seeing people gaining more and more autonomy. Today I am also, much more than before, in front of the customer. It is a very interesting part of the engineering profession senior study to be in direct contact with the client. “


As part of a design project, the Senior Design Engineer designs functional assemblies and specifications, mechanical assemblies (parts, subassemblies, tools, special machines …). It ensures the costing of studies and materials, defines the criteria and methods of control, carries out the control and formalises the result of the control. It must be able according to the needs of the project to draw and dimension, to realize the functional dimension … It is the guarantor of the technical and economic compromises.


  • Engineer’s degree or Bac + 5 mechanical engineering completed by a validated experience of at least 5 years as Engineer Studies,
  • Ability to integrate economic and technical data and constraints,
  • Ability to manage a budget of hours,
  • Ability to perform figures,
  • Ability to define control methods,
  • Rigor for the realization of the control,
  • Being proactive.