Pierre Gaudillère

IT Satellite Station Engineer

“After training as an Industrial Computer Engineer, I first worked for a computer services company on projects in embedded systems in mobile telephony and digital television and then I joined a company specializing in submarine cable laying. . I was in charge of the whole automation and IT part of the construction sites: integration of all the special machines (winches of positioning of the boat, unwinding of the cable, laying machines), setting up piloting stations and supervision. Then I was recruited by eXcent to develop satellite stations at a customer. This business is very rich, monitoring and satellite data transmission requires the synchronization of many devices with great precision.

I work more specifically on the software “conductor” which manages the whole station and allows the customer to configure the station to receive his data. What I particularly like about my work is the challenge of making the technical problem (receiving data from a mobile source thousands of miles away) “easy” for the end user. Eventually, my position could evolve to start satellite stations on the ground in the four corners of the world. The future will tell ! “


Satellite Station Software Engineer is in charge of the development of corrective operations, new functionalities, to test the integration at the factory and to manage the version and configuration part. He may have to work with the integration teams during installation of antennas on sites in France and abroad.


  • Generalist Engineer with a specialization in Computer Science
  • 5 years of experience in the development of software application on Windows in an industrial environment
  • Good knowledge of networks and protocols (RS, TCP / IP, UDP, ModBus, etc.)
  • In-depth practical knowledge of C / C ++ languages
  • Knowledge of Qt / QML languages