neXt – Strategic plan

eXcent is a french industrial group that designs and integrates industrial solutions. In order to expedite our development, we are launching our strategic plan, entitled “neXt”.

The investments we have made in recent years to enhance our eXcent product range and acquire new technologies have had a really positive impact on our activities and figures: Turnover increased by 66% in 5 years. As things stand in 2022, we have 700 employees, 12 agencies in France and 4 abroad.

The innovation race

Companies like eXcent are all part of the innovation race and we must continuously adapt our company while both ensuring access to cutting-edge technologies and industrial expertise, as well as responding to our clients’ performance problems – and all in a highly competitive market.

With the aim of increasing turnover to EUR 100 million and having 1,000 employees by 2025, neXt will focus on an action plan structured frame and built on four axes:

  • Strengthening our technological competencies
  • Boosting innovation and enhancing our eXcent product range
  • Developing our international presence
  • Continuing to grow our workforce and turnover

Strengthening our technological competencies

Integrating these technologies (AI, virtual reality, cobot, additive manufacturing, IoT, etc.) is a necessary step to provide a competitive offering and to position ourselves for the next industrial investment programmes

Boosting innovation and enhancing our eXcent product range

Our own products should become eXcent pillars. A real growth driver, technological showcase and gateway for export, eXcent products will make a significant contribution on the fringes.

Developing our international presence

The international growth axis is of major importance and marks a new stage in our development. This will position us as a credible player for international programmes.

Continuing to grow our workforce and turnover

Increasing our turnover to EUR 100 million and our workforce to 1,000 employees will mean eXcent is one of the leading French industrial equipment and technology engineering companies (excluding BTP and Pétrole). This growth will ensure financial security, sustainability and visibility among major clients.

Bringing together innovation, centres of excellence and a local base, neXt is repositioning our clients’ needs at the heart of our company.

Philippe ChaumèsCEO of eXcent

The approach is centred aound three principle axes:

  • Participatory innovation
  • Strategic innovation
  • Open innovation
The INNOVATION approach at the heart of eXcent

The e.Nov approach is a cross-functional initiative that aims, juste like a #catalyst, to promote the development of new ideas – whether they are to develop new products or services, or to continually improve our process and ultimately our performance.

The approach focuses on tools, methods, as well as original and dynamic activity to draw out your ideas and bring them to life until they become reality.

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